In the fall of 1928, a neighbor invited grandpa to go to the city-wide revival in Belleville; so he took his family to the revival meeting.  The evangelist was Dr. Price.  Sunday morning he got under conviction so bad that he went to the altar.  He bent to pray and before you know it grandpa was flat on his back at the altar.  He just laid there, passed out.  He didn’t move.  Not knowing what was going on, others around him prayed with him.  In the middle of the afternoon he was still out on the floor. But every once in a while his head would bang on the floor.  It was time for evening service and he was still laying there, and still every once in a while his head would hit the floor.  Eventually he came to, he opened his eyes, and started speaking in tongues, evidence of the Holy Ghost.  People asked him, Mr. Froese, what was going on - your head kept hitting the floor?

 Grandpa said that every time his head hit the floor was when he told the Lord what a good person he was, how he took care of his family, how he provided for them, he was a good citizen, he deserved the Holy Ghost, the Lord would bang his head against the floor.  Finally he realized that he was nothing but a no good sinner and that is when God filled him with the Holy Ghost, and this was the beginning of the Apostolic walk for the Froese family.

 Being an old German, and as customary in the old country, Grandpa made wine in the cellar of his home.  When he came home from this revival service after his conversion, he went to the cellar and threw out all of his wine making furnishings, dumped all the wine down the drain and made a clean start.  Something in his being made him realize that he had to change that life-style.